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Innovative Auto Battery Power Solutions

Power Strip Assemblies


Royal is a trusted leader of complex and innovative automotive battery power solutions.

The PSA terminal assembly is mounted directly to the vehicle's battery allowing multiple customizable connection points.

It provides the ability to change the outputs from direct connections to fused connections to regulated or metered connections and to mount the power wires where needed in tight, under-hood applications. 


Space saving solution delivering safety and customization.  Aplicaciones Automotive


  • Assembly line time saving 
  • One harness package 
  • Safety 

Features & Options  

  • Multiple connection points 
  • Direct connect 
  • Fused connection(s) 
  • Metered connection(s) 
  • Single point connection for assembly line 
  • Jump start tab 
  • Safety Jump start covers 
  • Positive or negative solutions 
  • Multiple angled connections available for wrench access 
  • Stamped connector solution 
  • Route wires in any direction 
  • Custom marked or color molding 

Specifications & Sizes  

  • Metal up to 18"
  • Plastic  
  • Assembly any size 
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