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e-Mobility Spring 2021 Features Royal Power Technologies

e-Mobility Intl Highlights HPLB & RigiFlex

Jim Dawson, Vice-President of Engineering & Technology

The Spring 2021 issue of e-Mobility Technology International includes a feature on two breakthrough products – High Power Lock Box (HPLB) terminals and RigiFlex™ busbar systems. Designed to improve energy efficiency and minimize waste in electric and hybrid vehicles, the two products have achieved concept approval on 22 vehicles during development in Europe and the U.S.

Learn how Royal Power Solutions is creating power distribution systems for an increasingly electrified world. With detailed diagrams, statistics and test results, Royal's Engineering VP demonstrates how two technologies - HPLB terminals and RigiFlex busbar systems - improve energy efficiency and minimize energy waste in EVs/HEVs.

Read online or download PDF here.