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Busbar Revolution Lands in Chicago

Royal Power Solutions Innovation Center Engineering Team

Abstract: Learn from innovation engineering manager and RigiFlex inventor Jason Degen how Royal Power Solutions is gearing up to produce a revolutionary new busbar at the company’s Chicago-area headquarters.

Royal Power Makes Way for RigiFlex Production

It’s been a busy summer at Royal Power Solutions. Behind the scenes, our engineering, quality, and operations teams have been preparing our Carol Stream facility for a new production line. In the past few weeks, we've relocated equipment to clear a 6,000 sq. ft. area which allows for a one-piece flow and sequential production capabilities of our revolutionary new RigiFlex busbar.

Royal Power Solutions is gearing up to produce a revolutionary new busbar at the company’s Chicago-area headquarters

We debuted the prototype (along with our High Power Lock Box) at the 2019 European and North American Battery Shows. Based on attendee's reactions, we were confident that it would be a high-demand solution to meet increasing electrification of vehicles on the road today - and tomorrow.

Here's a short video from the Battery Show with Engineering VP Jim Dawson demonstrating RigiFlex's unique value proposition.

Looking out from my desk in the Henrik Freitag Innovation Center, I’ll soon see our pilot production cell for the RigiFlex line come to life. It will be fully operational and ready for customer demonstrations by December 31 of this year.

RigiFlex Offers Superior Advantages for the EV/Hybrid Market

With decreased height, weight and cost – and increased safety and efficiency – RigiFlex offers EV/hybrid vehicle makers an extraordinary high current connection alternative. RigiFlex’s height saves 25mm and its weight is almost 50% lighter than a bolted connection. It can safely be installed into a module or pack. Where bolted connections utilize dissimilar materials that are more resistive to current flow, RigiFlex’s pure copper conductor path produces less waste heat from resistance. Lastly, RigiFlex is designed without “engineered scrap” that typical stamped bolted components must endure, giving it a significant material cost advantage.

For those reasons alone, RigiFlex would stand above and apart from our competitors. However, what makes it a truly outstanding solution for EV makers is that we have designed an uninterrupted and homogenous current path that can be rigid and/or flexible anywhere you want these features to be. This is RigiFlex’s patented novelty.

Our competitors use rigid copper segments welded to separate flexible segments, creating secondary operations that add cost and – most critically - failure mode risks. These failure points negatively impact both quality and current flow efficiency. RigiFlex’s copper conductors provide virtually unlimited design flexibility in rigidity, shape, length and bends without an interrupted current conductor.  

RigiFlex is a high current conductor, so it has applications inside battery packs connecting modules to modules and modules to devices. RigiFlex is also capable of external battery pack application like battery pack to inverter, inverter to motor and battery charging system connections. 

Here's a photo of a battery pack we designed to demonstrate RigiFlex's patented applications at the 2019 Battery Show.

We are developing a RigiFlex connection solution for inverter to HUB Motor application that is EMI shielded and withstands millions of dynamic movements relation to suspension movement. RigiFlex is an exciting solution to such a tough connection opportunity.

If you’re a Royal Power customer, we’re currently scheduling in person demonstrations beginning in early January. Please contact Chris Pepoy for details and dates. If you’d like a sample of RigiFlex or would like to set up an application review and introduction, please email

About the Author

Jason Degen is the Innovation Engineering Manager at Royal Power Solutions. He joined our team in March 2019 and brings more than 20 years of experience in high voltage and power distribution development from design through production launch. In his spare time, Jason enjoys flying and is a certified general aviation pilot.