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Royal Power Solutions


At Royal Power Solutions, we believe that Orange is the ‘New Green.’ Today’s battery-powered hybrid and electric vehicles rely on advanced connectivity technologies. Copper – the orange metal – is powering this advanced architecture.

Powering the Green Revolution with products that improve energy utilization and contribute to clean air and clean water.

Royal’s eco-friendly manufacturing processes are a testament to our values – and the hallmark of our total solutions approach. We engineer environmentally beneficial practices into both process and product for maximum sustainability.

  • Zero Landfill
  • Recycled Metal
  • Eco-Washing Stations
  • Returnable dunnage

Zero Landfill

We do not “landfill” much because our engineered waste and scrap gets reprocessed and recycled at copper mills. Copper is the #1 recycled mineral and a critical part of our approach. Royal’s metal recycling program diverts tons of waste from landfills annually.

Recycled Metal

The key to sustainable and more efficient processes is designed upfront. Products like HPLB use 30% less copper than equivalents. And RigiFlex - Royal’s breakthrough busbar - were optimized from ideation to reduce scrap and engineered waste.

Eco-Wash Stations

Our closed-loop machine recycles a non-toxic, environmentally safe and emission- free solution. The tanks are able to go six months or longer without being refreshed, saving both energy and recycling costs.

Returnable Dunnage

Royal’s environmental commitment continues when our products are shipped to our customers. Our packaging and handling solutions reduce space, utilize recyclable materials and include returnable dunnage.

Doing Our Part to Build a More Sustainable World

From concept to design to manufacturing, Royal’s “Ultra Low Resistant” conductors are powering a more sustainable future.